lion roaring

I’m not a king, I’m not a prince

I’m not something which could sounds like hierarchy no

I’m just the god of my dream, the boss of my stream

The clock of my breathe yeah,

You've never saw the one within older than me

The secret? The pain man, your own pain

The one which will make the others running away

And when you are alone, thinking your own

Let the rage become your goal yeah you never know


I never lost this right habit running after the white rabbit

Yeah I’m kicking in peace, I’m killing the beats

I’m hidden in the black shadow watching the storm drawing my show

Don’t worry mum, the plan is already on

I never knew that you were so hot bro

I know you just feel the flow that comes from my through

And if you think it’s a bit borring,

Let the lion roaring


No I don’t need you

No I don’t need you


How many times will you learn the same lesson?

Whatever you say man yeah god bless us, hey Satan wake up

You need to dress up, where is your wine cup?

You cut off my breathe, you turned on my dreams

You learned me the keys for ever

We play the game writing this insane song together

I need to slow down the time for me to calm down

Look all around, this is my time to play the next round


I feel loving you, stay with me for the last cigaret

I want the light within you

You turned it out, turned it out, turned it out

Why do you run away from me?

Because you learned me "no pain, no gain"

What are you waiting from me?

That you feel the power of my pain


No I don’t need you

No I don’t need you

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